The new Metabones EF Speedbooster for the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera

I love my Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera. Since it was released, it’s proven to be an excellent camera, with astonishing image quality for the tiny size of the camera. Since the BMPCC, as it’s known, was finally released to the public, people have wanted to use Canon EF mount lenses on it. The active Micro 4/3 lens… Continue reading The new Metabones EF Speedbooster for the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera

Basic email marketing tools

One of the most important tools you need for email marketing is a reliable system you can use which will track and process bounced emails, ensure you are compliant with local spam laws, and allow you to track open and click through rates. There are a number of great tools available to do this for… Continue reading Basic email marketing tools

Introduction to email marketing

In this world of social media, display advertising and a multitude of marketing channels, email marketing is very easy to dismiss. However it is still one of the most powerful and least resource intensive platforms that we as marketers have at our disposal. Email marketing is a great way to let people and organisations know about… Continue reading Introduction to email marketing

The blog is reborn in WordPress!

After long being neglected, my blog has been rebuilt and reborn. The blog always gets relegated to poor second cousin to project work and customer sites, and has suffered as a result. It’s a personal thing and relies on me keeping it up to date to be of value. Recently I had a bit of… Continue reading The blog is reborn in WordPress!